noSaltres (WE)



noSalatres (WE)
A collective creation project for youngsters and elderly, inspired by stories and experiences of the old city of Palma.

A collaborative project between a group of high school youth and a group of neighbors (seniors or adults), which explores and questions the Old City of Palma.
Based on the performance as a transdisciplinary language (voice, body, installation, audiovisual …), we use the recurrent form of the “guided tour” as structure for these meetings, allowing us to combine sensory experiences with ideas, fantasies , memories and the specific space of the neighborhood.
The project was developed in the public space (including library, parks, squares, social centers …) where small site-specific performances were created and had a final presentation in the Teatre Principal, on June 1 2019.

The project is supported by CAC Palma (Centre Art Contemporany de l’Ajuntament de Palma) and Teatre Principal.

Direcció: Irene Pascual
Procés i concepte: Letícia Maria, Magda Garzón, Irene Pascual
Joves: Ariadna Mestre, Vania Carmona, María Cabellos, Ramón Garau, Ainhoa Bastante, Ariadna Castañer, Imma Troya, Lena Torres, Tristán Pugliese, Sofia Apollonio, Mohamed Diop
Majors: Maria Sans Bil, Baltasar Joan, Vicenta Clapés, Maria Rosa Roca, Maria Antònia Fiol, Malena Roig, Maria Nuñez, Teresa Vicente, Florence Odinke Ezemba, Paulina Gutiérrez, Antonia Mariano
Música en viu: Miracles: Yacomo Evers, Dominik- León Fuchs, Paula García, Carlos Cañellas, Marina Rueda