Space ⇒  Institute Francais du Cameroun

Ravy Festival Yaounde, Cameruon  / April 2014

Introduction to Walky Leaks 

  • Walky Leaks GUIDELINES

    Walky Leaks is a series of performances produced repeatedly in different contexts and situations and becoming a durational project accompanying my practice.

    I developed a guideline to create performances that allows me very open and flexible results, adapted to each different context.


    1 Analyse the space and its context (architecture, physical conditions, history, public, cultural and social context…) were the performance will take place.

    2 Create a site specific “guided tour”, with the aim of moving from one point to another changing location and point of interest. In the tour I explain fictional stories inspired by the context, which introduce the public to a fantastic world which opens an active reflection in relation to time and space.

    3 Besides voice I use different creative resources such as: Actions or movements, Objects alteration of the space / installation, Painting or construction of a set Sound or music


    The active participation of the public became essential for my performance work!

    The aim lies in finding strategies to engage the public actively and swap the habitual role artist-viewer.

    The public is requested to actively engage by: explain personal stories, shape clay or create a sculpture, paint, sing, dance, touch… depending on each context.



First Story
Outside of the gallery space in the center of Yaounde City

<<This story is about a child who long ago was living exactly here in this place were we are now. One day he was playing in the courtyard in front of the family house, (exactly here), and he found a small and shiny gold nugget.

The family thought that was god’s present and considered the boy was very special. The gold piece was used for his grandmother to repair missing teeth. Some time later, the little boy found another gold nugget and this time gave it to her mother to make beautiful earrings, which she would never again remove from her ears.

The boy became little obsessed and kept searching and searching for gold with very moderate success.

After some years, when he already was a young miner accidentally got trapped inside the hole he was digging and didn’t come back. It was terrible, the people from the village searched for him during weeks, months and years but never found him again, nor dead or alive. The family considered god had taken him to the paradise to give him a better live full of luxury and happiness.>>

Action: I cover myself with a Golden sheet and move dragging horizontally through the corridor of the Institute Français until the end of the exhibition room. Once there, I hide under a white paper and paint with black color from inside. I paint a spider on the wall and cover my face with coloring sand -found everywere in the streets of Yaoundé (the typical red sand of Africa, which if you mix with water colors) and resulting a kind of transformation on me, paralel to the story.
Second Story
In front of the painted wall
The second story makes reference to Homophobia, a very controversial reality in Cameroon: I was surprised and shocked about the general hate against Homosexuality in the country. I couldn’t stand it and decided I should introduce a reflection on that in my performance.


<< One day in a small village in Cameroon appeared a very beautiful spider. In the village there was a very rich king but was unhappy, as although he had married already 200 women, did not have any descendent by the moment.

Seeing how pretty was the spider and knowing that they tend to have many children at once, they decided they should get married.

And they did, the day after they celebrate a big wedding and was a very beautiful and happy day. But when the night arrived and the couple went to the private rooms, a brutal shout of the king was heard in the whole village.

When the spider pulled her feminine skin out, it appeared a cute boy. He was the same boy that went lost in the first story.

The boy scaped into the wives pavilion and the 200 women unite themselves to help and protect him. He ran to the harbour, grab the first boat, which left and travelled to America.

In Chicago he became one of the most famous and successful drag queens worldwide after wining a number of prises and nominations.>>

After this story I put a sound in the space with a famous song of Cameroon “amoenus amoenus les uns et les autres”: about the people in Cameroon loving each others, all united it doesn’t matter from which part of Cameroun they come from)
I invented this story after reading that one of the most famous celebrities of Cameroun is a Queer Model who lives in Chicago and became famous.I found this a very courious fact as homosexuality in Cameron is condemned and persecuted both by civil and official folks. Many people live completely repressed, alienated and unhappy.