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DA*14 Festival : Going Under Radar

Month of Performance Art Berlin / May 2014


  • Walky Leaks GUIDELINES

    Walky Leaks is a series of performances produced repeatedly in different contexts and situations and becoming a durational project accompanying my practice.

    I developed a guideline to create performances that allows me very open and flexible results, adapted to each different context.


    1 Analyse the space and its context (architecture, physical conditions, history, public, cultural and social context…) were the performance will take place.

    2 Create a site specific “guided tour”, with the aim of moving from one point to another changing location and point of interest. In the tour I explain fictional stories inspired by the context, which introduce the public to a fantastic world which opens an active reflection in relation to time and space.

    3 Besides voice I use different creative resources such as: Actions or movements, Objects alteration of the space / installation, Painting or construction of a set Sound or music


    The active participation of the public became essential for my performance work!

    The aim lies in finding strategies to engage the public actively and swap the habitual role artist-viewer.

    The public is requested to actively engage by: explain personal stories, shape clay or create a sculpture, paint, sing, dance, touch… depending on each context.


Inside in a white cube exhibition space.

During the 80’s in this house where we are now was living a young woman artist.

Of course her big dream was to be free and leave the DDR to be able to express herself and travel. She had a Boyfriend in the other side of Germany, with whom was very difficult to keep a “normal” relationship. She applied for the permission to join him, but every time was denied and she was more and more controlled by secret services.

On November 89’ the night that the Berlin wall fall and was opened, all people rushed to cross the frontier in both directions to celebrate. The boyfriend ran to the Acker Strasse 18 to join her.

But she was not there.

He waited for her and asked everybody, she didn’t appear. He came the day after and after and after and she never came back. He never found her again.

Years later, when the neighbours were able to renovate the house, decided to donate this space to arts and artistic projects in her memory.


walking backwards _ my head and breast are in the back and in the front a back pack.

I write this sentence on the wall: FEET, WHAT DO I NEED YOU FOR IF I HAVE WINGS TO FLY (a quote by Frida Kahlo).


Outside in the backyard downstairs


This story happened in 1979 to a family who decided and accomplished to leave the DDR and scape to West Germany. What is more interesting is not only that they succeed but the process how it happened.

Once they had a visit of an aunt from the West who brought a Magazine in which they just accidentally found an article about the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Party.

After around a year of reflection they decided to come to action. Their plan was to build a big hot air balloon and, together with another family of close friends, fly to West Germany. In one hand they had to invent the machine, with gas bottles and the motor of an old motorbike. On the other hand the women searched all kinds of curtains, bed sheets and all big fabrics possible and sawed them together in the desired form. The creation of the machine took one full year of clandestine visits and secret nocturne work.

They tried one first time but they failed.

In the second trial, at night and without lights, four adults and four children succeed with their crazy idea to leave the DDR by air, avoiding the light canons and all possible controls.

They became famous in West Germany.

But what I thing very interesting to explain here and what really touched me of this story that, when they were in the air, they had an accident and suddenly the fabric of the balloon started to burn. While the father was putting the fire down, the other adults started to explain fairy tales and funny stories and sing children’s songs in order to keep the calm and avoid frighten the kids.

After the second story I take a fabric from the bag and put it around my head. With a auto -nflatable mechanism the fabric starts to inflate and I have big photos of children and mother (and more legs and arms and dresses). I put them on the floor with scissors and tape and invite the public to participate by doing a “live collage”.
After the story I take a little paper doll with the collage of my face on it and a little paper flag were its written “yeahh” and I drag on the floor emitting sounds that remember me little gnomes talking.


Es wollen zwei auf Reisen gehn
Und sich die weite Welt besehn:
Der Koffer macht den Rachen breit,
Komm mit, es ist soweit.

Wohin soll denn die Reise gehn?
Wohin, sag, wohin, ja, wohin?
Wo wir den bunten Sommer sehn,
Dahin, ja, dahin.

Weil heiß das Reisefieber brennt,
Weckt es die Lust, die jeder kennt,
Hinauszuziehn im Wanderschritt.
Es ist soweit, komm mit!


Der Sommertag, wie schön er war –
So blumenbunt und sonnenklar!
Die Bahn auf blanker Schienenspur
Durch grüne Landschaft fuhr.


Sie kommen schon – das Ziel ist nah!
Es trägt die Mundharmonika
Den frohen Klang den Weg zurück –
Das Lied vom Ferienglück.

Wohin soll denn die Reise gehn?
Wohin, sag, wohin, ja, wohin?
Wo wir den bunten Sommer sehn,
Dahin, ja, dahin.