In collaboration with John Patrick Morarescu (Johnny Amore)
Residency / participative installation
At Juming Museum, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Invited by Outsiders Factory and Juming Museum.
June- August 2015


The motor of the project bases in the creation of fictional stories (or legends) on the base of what we are seeing, experimenting and living in Taiwan and in relation to the site at Juming Museum and its history.

In the stories, for example, we invent characters that supposedly lived in concrete geographic places such as in the village of Jinguashi and had some kind of experiences, that are symbols of the identity of this place and its people.


We reflect on the curatorial proposal Wild Legend on different ways:

The power of art and the artist to transform and modify reality using fantasy and subjectivity, questioning what is in fact Real and the function of art and cultural institutions.

The artist as a labourer.

The legend of North Taiwan region and its cultural identity

The geographic site

On the other hand opening a reflection on how audiences are reacting to “museografic” displays such as in gold museum or Juming museum and the nature of the massive tourism.



    ANOTHER ISLAND Wild Legend by Irene Pascual


    In the royal library of the monastery in Saragossa, in Spain, some interesting documents have been found. The scripts report the presence of an island, which existed until the year 1608. Its enclave was just about 1200 kilometers south from the japanese island of Taketomi.

    The documents say that the Spaniards, in times of Philippe the Second, visited the island and were surprised for the beauty of their women. They called them the Mermaids of Orient for their extremely refined features and their well-trained skills to sing and dance with specially sophisticated techniques. The Spaniards tried to conquest the island on different occasions to add it to their empire, but they never succeed, being defeated in every attempt.

    The documents, as well as some finds in recent geologic excavations, confirm that the existing island disappeared because of the sudden eruption of a big volcano, which together with several big earthquakes and ground motion provoked the island to get covered by the sea level, wiping out all its inhabitants. Just only one woman survived. She was a victim of kidnapping by a Spanish seaman in one of their attacks.

    The seaman was totally in love with her, brought her first to Manila and married her afterwards; they moved together to Spain and had many children. That explains why nowadays there is a town in Spain were all the habitants have Austronesian features, with a high skull, slanted eyes and concave nasal profile, as well as a very special ability for music and rhythm.


    在西班牙薩拉戈薩的修道院的皇室圖書館裡,發現了一些有趣的文獻。文件裡記載了關於一個消失於西元1608年的島嶼。這個島嶼只有1200平方公里,位於日本竹富島的南邊。 報告裡說到西班牙人在飛利浦二世時期曾經去過那個島嶼,並驚嘆於島上女人的美貌。因為她們極其優美的外貌,美妙的歌聲,以及特別且複雜的舞技,西班牙人稱她們為"東方的美人魚"。 西班牙人開始侵略這個島嶼,想將其據為己有,但他們從未成功,在一次又一次的嘗試中敗退。 而在最近的地質發掘中,確定了那座島嶼的消失是因為一場大規模的火山噴發,加上地震以及板塊運動使得整座島嶼被海平面給淹沒,並一舉湮滅了所有的島民。 所有島上的居民中,只有一個女人存活了下來,她在一場西班牙人的攻擊中被一個水手給綁架了。水手和女人墜入愛河,先帶她到馬尼拉,隨後就娶了那個女人;他們一起搬回西班牙,並生了很多孩子。 這就是為什麼到了現在,一個西班牙的小鎮裡,所有居民都有著南島族人的外表,高高的頭骨,狹長的眼睛,較塌的鼻型,以及在音樂和旋律上的特殊才能。


    CAT CITY  Wild Legend by Irene Pascual


    Hou Tong was once a monkey city but that was long long time ago. When the railway was constructed the monkeys left to the mountains to live in peace, leaving behind a nostalgic emptiness to the inhabitants.

    In a big house up on the little hill lived a woman on her own. She felt very lonely because her two sons disappeared in the war and her husband, who was much older than her, died of disease.

    One sudden day, a street cat started to visit her every evening; arriving silently and sitting beside her for hours. As she went to sleep the cat just went away and came back the day after. After a while she began to give the cat some food and water and let him get inside in rainy days. Soon it was not only one cat visiting the house but two and three and four and so on until they were hundred. At that point the woman started to smile again and found a meaning for her life. She adopted all the cats, took care of them, gave them names and they became real family members. That made her famous in Taiwan and visitors from Taipei came to see the house full of cats, brought her food and medicines.

    Once I visited Hou Tong and met the woman. I wanted to take a picture with her and asked if that would be possible. She answered shortly: no it was not possible at all. She went inside the house and did not come out anymore. A neighbor explained me that she had the strong believe that when you get portrayed you lose seven years of your live.

    I recently heard that a chinese tourist came to visit her and, without knowing her believes, he made a photo when she was distracted feeding the cats. A week after the woman looked so much older and became ill. This time, the cats took care of her, brought her food, water and did the shopping. Nevertheless she died after a while but her house and her memory are still full of life. Neighbors and relatives decided to let the cats stay in the house, were they lived happily ever after.

    Nowadays Hou Tong is the first city where humans and cats live in peace together sharing streets, fountains, parks and the sky.


    猴硐曾經是一個屬於猴子的村子,但那是很久很久以前了。在鐵路建成後,猴子們為了能過著平靜安和的日子,紛紛離開猴村,留下思鄉的空虛,回到了山裡。 在一個小山丘上的一間大房子裡,住著一個女人。獨居的女人非常寂寞,因為她的兩個兒子在一場戰爭中逝去了,而她的丈夫,也因為年齡比自己大很多,早早死於疾病。 突然有一天,一隻流浪貓出現了,會在每天傍晚時來找她;貓咪總是靜悄悄的出現,然後坐在女人的身邊,一待就是好幾個小時,直到她要睡覺了,貓才會離去,並在隔天的同一時間回來。過了一陣子,寂寞的女人開始會餵那隻流浪貓食物和水,並讓牠在下雨天時進到屋子裡躲雨。不久,來找女人的貓咪越來越多,一隻兩隻三隻四隻,到最後甚至來了數以百計的貓咪。 就這樣,女人的臉上又有了笑容,她終於找回了人生的意義。她收養了所有來找她的貓,照顧牠們,給牠們取名字,讓牠們成為真正的家族成員。 這讓她在台灣成為一個有名的人,而來自台北的遊客們會特地來到這個充滿貓咪的房子參觀,並帶給她食物和藥物。 有一次我去了猴硐遇到了一個女人。我問了她是否能跟她合影,她短促的回答了:不,絕對不行。然後轉身進了屋子裡,並且沒有再出來過。她的鄰居向我解釋,那個女人深信只要自己的身影被刻畫了下來,就會減壽七年。 最近我聽說有一個中國的遊客去探訪了那位女士,但他對這位女士的信仰毫不知情,便在女人餵貓時拍下了她的照片。 過了一個禮拜後,女人看起來比以前老了好多,還開始生病了。而這次,輪到貓咪們照顧她,帶給她食物和水,甚至還幫忙採購家用。雖然女人不久後便去世了,但她的回憶與經歷,始終充滿著這間屋子。最後鄰居們和女人的親人決定讓貓咪們繼續留下,住在那間帶給牠們幸福和快樂的屋子。 如今,猴硐是第一個人類和貓咪能夠和平共處的城市,他們共享著城裡的街道、泉水、園林以及天空。


    LION ROCK  Wild Legend by Irene Pascual

    Many years ago in the village of Jinguashi, on the north coast of Formosa, the people were struggling with terrible fear and sadness because a mountain lion was constantly threatening them. He assaulted their farms, ate their pigs, cows and destroyed all what he found on his way.

    The villagers tried everything to exterminate the animal, but it seemed to be a non-mortal, invincible creature. At some point they came to an agreement with the Lion: He would not attack the village any more but in exchange the folks should offer him a virgin as sacrifice every year. The terrible swap took place for several years until the day arrived that it was the turn for the village’s head daughter. The father would never accept to give his precious brood to the Lion and announced a widespread call: the one who would beat down the Lion would receive a whole mountain with all its animals, plants, houses and rivers.

    Peoples from all over came to Jinguashi and tried to kill the Lion using all kinds of ingenious strategies, but none succeeded and, while many others died in the attempt, the Lion just got more and more fierce. In his complete desolation, when the father was almost ready to give up, a strange japanese lad knocked his door. He was just wearing a lose deer fur, naked feet and said he wanted to take part in the claim. The father agreed, although he was thinking “poor guy, one more ready to waste his life for nothing”. But the Japanese guy, counting on the Lion’s feebleness, had a smart plan. He took out his deer coat and filled it up with a mix of honey, grass and forest fruits, all combined with small pieces of broken glass. He sewed it up and when the night arrived, he went fearless to the Lion’s cave.

    The Lion heard him arrive and stepped out hesitant, curious about what was the surprise the villagers had for him this time… But instead of seeing a person, he just saw a deer jumping form the side and got so happy to have such an easy dinner, that he jumped to the neck of the supposed animal and just devoured it in one bite with his big mouth. After the dinner he felt very sick and soon died and converted into stone.

    That’s why nowadays, when you look up from Jinguashi village, you can see a big rock with the form of a Lion up on the mountain peak. For sure also this story ends happily with love and marriage. The daughter fell in love with the japanese young man right away. But they were even happier, as some years later they found out that the mountain was full of gold mines and they became very rich and prosperous for many years…



    很久很久以前,在福爾摩沙島的北岸,一個位於金瓜石的小村莊裡,村民們總是過著提心吊膽的日子,因為在村子裡有一隻山獅總是威脅著村民。作惡的獅子會襲擊他們的農場,吃掉他們養的豬、牛,所到之處,都被獅子給摧毀殆盡。 雖然村民們用盡千方百計地想剿除這隻獅子,但獅子卻像金剛不壞一般的無法摧毀。 有一天,村民們和獅子做了一個交易,只要他們每年獻上一個純潔的處女當作祭品,那麼獅子便不再攻擊村莊。這個殘忍的交易持續了好幾年,直到有一年,輪到了村長的女兒要被當作祭品獻出。 身為父親的村長是絕對不可能同意將他的寶貝女兒送給那隻獅子的,於是,他四處發佈了一個懸賞:只要誰打敗了山獅,他將會得到一整座山,山上的動物、植物、房舍以及河流,都將歸屬那位勇者。 得知消息的人們,紛紛從世界各地來到金瓜石挑戰,他們用了許多妙計想殺了獅子,卻全都失敗了,隨著越來越多挑戰者的死亡,獅子被激起的憤怒也越滾越烈。 就在絕望的村長準備放棄之時,一個年輕的日本小伙子來到了村長家門口,他只披著一件寬鬆的鹿皮,打著赤腳,說他想參予這個懸賞的挑戰,雖然村長心裡想著"可憐的年輕人,又要白白地犧牲生命了",但他仍是答應了這位日本勇士的請求。 但這個年輕的日本男子,察覺了這隻獅子的弱點,並想出了一個絕妙的點子。 他脫掉了他的鹿皮大衣,並用大衣將蜂蜜、青草、還有森林裡的水果裝起來,並放入了一片片碎掉的玻璃,他將其縫了起來,等到夜晚降臨,他毫無畏懼的朝獅子的巢穴出發了。 當獅子聽到了巢穴外的動靜,他躑躅的出了洞穴,好奇著這次村民們又給她準備了怎樣的驚喜。但映入獅子眼簾的不是人,而是一隻鹿從樹叢裡跳了出來,於是山獅對於一頓輕鬆到手的晚餐感到非常開心,一躍而上的咬住了那隻假鹿的脖子,並一口氣地把它吞進肚子裡了。 在享用完晚餐後,獅子感到非常的不舒服,過了不久便倒地死去,屍體蛻變成了石頭。 這就是為什麼到了現在,當你從金瓜石的小鎮往上看,會看到一個獅子形狀的大石頭站在山峰上。 當然這個故事是以愛情和婚姻的承諾,快樂的畫下了尾聲,村長的女兒不久後就與那位日本勇士墜入愛河,他們不只過著幸福快樂的日子,過了幾年,他們發現了在定居的山裡蘊含著豐富的金礦,於是他們過著富有且繁榮的日子好多好多年…。



    Only if you’re very brave

    Should you go near the gloomy cave

    For inside lurks a creature grim

    I know that you’ll be scared of him!

    Scaly skin in crusty green

    The longest tail you’ve ever seen

    Gruesome claws that slice and cut

    And blazing eyes that never shut.

    Forked tongue flickers in and out

    And teeth so sharp,

    I do not doubt

    He’d eat you up in one quick bite

    So forceful is his strength and might.

    Don’t creep too close or you will hear

    His dreadful roar like thunder near

    Can’t you tell and don’t you know?

    Where dragons dwell you should not go!

    By Caroline Petherbridge

    龍 只有真正的勇者 才能靠近那昏暗的巢穴 洞穴裡匿藏著的生物嚴峻如冰 我知道你對牠的恐懼 鱗皮被綠色給覆蓋 有著你從未見過的梴長尾脊 閃著寒光的利爪一削而過 而鋒利的雙眼從不闔上 舔著岔開的舌頭 有著毫無疑問尖銳的牙齒 吃掉你只需要迅速的一口 火焰般的盛氣是來自牠的力量以及威力 別攀得太近,否則你會聽到 牠那如雷一般駭人的嘶吼 難道你還不知道嗎? 屬於龍族的棲息處 永遠別停留

    By Caroline Petherbridge


    The Frog Prince – or – A Promise is a Promise by Brothers Grimm by Dr. Mike Lockett, The Normal Storyteller

    Once upon a time there lived a lovely princess. She lived inside a great palace that had many gardens and fountains. The princess liked to walk through the gardens and look at the plants. She liked to look into the fountains and see her own reflection. She was not always nice. Because of this, she had no one to play with. When she played outside, her favorite toy was a golden ball. She threw it high into the air and caught it time after time.

    One day as she played by herself, the princess dropped her golden ball into the well. She looked into the well and could only see her reflection. She could not see the ball. This was one time that she did not like seeing the image of herself in the water, and she began to cry! “Princess, why do you cry?” asked a gentle voice. The princess looked around, but she could see no one near her. “Who spoke to me?” she asked. Then, she looked down and saw a frog by her feet. “Yuck! She said, “a nasty old frog.” “First, I don’t think I am nasty,” said the frog. “Second, I am not old. And third, I asked why you are crying.I dropped my ball into the well,” said the princess. “I will give you my pearls and jewels if you can get it for me.” “I can get your ball,” replied the frog. “But, I do not want your pearls and jewels. I want to come into your house. I want to eat at the table with you and eat from your fine gold plate. I want to sleep upon your bed. And, then I want a kiss.”

    The princess made a face! “Yes,” repeated the frog. “I want you to kiss me. Promise me these things, and I will get your golden ball for you.” “Very well,” said the princess. “I promise.” She never thought he’d be able to get out of the well once he jumped in, so she would not have to keep her promises. But, maybe he could get her ball.” The frog dove into the well, and in only a few minutes he came up with her ball in his mouth and tossed it out of the well onto the dry ground. The princess was so happy to have her ball that she ran to pick it up and ran into the palace. “Hey,” called the frog. “Remember your promise!” But, the princess pretended not to hear a word. She did not intend to keep any promises to a frog! The very next day as the princess sat down to dinner, there was a knock at the door.

    At first, it was a light tapping and only the Princess could hear it. Then the servants heard it. Soon the tapping grew so loud that even the King could hear it. “Princess, Princess, Listen Now! Princess, Princess, Keep Your Vow. A ball you lost while you did play. A ball returned to you this day Please don’t act like I’m a bother. A promise is a promise! Just ask your Father!” “What is that about a promise?” asked the King. We always must keep our promises! Did you make a promise to a frog?” the King asked his daughter. “Daddy,” said the girl. “My ball fell into the pond. I only made the promise to get my golden ball back. That is a nasty old frog. Promises do not count when you make them to frogs!””First,” said the frog, “I am not nasty. Second, once again I remind you that I am not old. Third, a promise is a promise, no matter who you make it to.” The King said to his daughter, “The frog is correct. A promise is a promise no matter to whom it is made. Invite the frog into the palace and keep your word.” The princess did as her father asked. She opened the palace door, and the frog hopped inside. “Thank you,” said the frog. That was the first promise you made. You said I could come inside the palace, and I am here.” Then the frog hopped its way into the dining room. “Please lift me up to the table,” croaked the frog. The princess almost said no, but saw her father watching her. She picked the frog up and placed him on the chair next to her. This is two promises kept,” said the frog. Now, please push your golden plate closer to me so that I may eat out of it. “Ucky,” said the princess, but moved the plate towards the frog when she saw her father staring at her. The frog ate as much as he could from the plate and said, “Please take me to your room so that I may sleep on your bed.” “In my bed?” asked the princess. But, she knew better than to argue. She made a promise.

    She was the daughter of a King, and though she was spoiled, she knew she had to keep her promise. She turned up her nose as she picked up the frog. She placed the frog on a red velvet pillow and carried it up the stairs. She laid the pillow on the bed and sat down on a chair to see what the frog would do. She watched as the frog closed its eyes and went to sleep. Ick! A frog in her bed! She slept the whole night in a chair. When the first light of morning came through the window, the frog hopped off the bed, out of the room, down the stairs and out of the palace. “Thank goodness thought the princess. Now I won’t have to kiss a frog!” But, the next night, the frog returned to the palace. “Princess, Princess, Listen Now! Princess, Princess, Keep Your Vow. A ball you lost while you did play. A ball returned to you this day Please don’t act like I’m a bother. A promise is a promise! Just ask your Father!” The behavior of the first night was repeated this night and a third night. Three nights, the princess let the frog into the palace, sat with it at the dinner table, let it eat off her golden plate and let it sleep in her bed while she slept in a chair. At least she had not had to keep her promise to kiss the frog. But, on the third night, the princess dreamed a strange dream. She dreamed that the frog was talking to her. In her dream she heard him say that he was really a prince. He had been turned into a frog by a wicked fairy. Only if he slept on the bed of a princess for three nights and was kissed by her would he ever turn back into a prince again. The princess woke up and realized that she had been dreaming. She looked and there on the bed was still an icky old frog. Then the princess thought of her dream. She also thought of her promise and remembered that she had promised to kiss the frog. She walked over to the sleeping frog, closed her eyes and kissed the frog on top of its head. Just as her lips touched the frog, the frog changed into a handsome prince. She opened her eyes just in time to see him change. Then his eyes opened and he saw the princess standing over him. “You kept your promise,” he said, “Even though you made it to a frog.” The prince was handsome. She liked looking at him much more than at her own reflection. “Princess, may I ask your father for your hand in marriage? If he will allow you to marry me, I will take you to my father’s kingdom where I will marry you and love you as long as we both shall live.” The princess smiled and answered him quickly.

    She promised to marry him and to love him forever. She also remembered that a promise is a promise, no matter to whom it is made.


    在遙遠的古代,人們心中的美好願望往往能夠變成現實。就在那個令人神往的時代,曾經有過一位國王。國王有好幾個女兒,個個都長得非常美麗;尤其是他的小女兒,更是美如天仙,就連見多識廣的太陽,每次照在她臉上時,都對她的美麗感到驚詫不已。   國王的宮殿附近,有一片幽暗的大森林。在這片森林中的一棵老椴樹下,有一個水潭,水潭很深。在天熱的時候,小公主常常來到這片森林,坐在清涼的水潭邊上。她坐在那裏感到無聊的時候,就取出一隻金球,把金球拋向空中,然後再用手接住。這成了她最喜愛的遊戲。   不巧的是,有一次,小公主伸出兩只小手去接金球,金球卻沒有落進她的手裏,而是掉到了地上,而且一下子就滾到了水潭裏。小公主兩眼緊緊地盯著金球,可是金球忽地一下子在水潭裏就沒影兒了。因為水潭裏的水很深,看不見底,小公主就哭了起來,她的哭聲越來越大,哭得傷心極了。哭著哭著,小公主突然聽見有人大聲說:“哎呀,公主,您這是怎麼啦?您這樣嚎啕大哭,就連石頭聽了都會心疼的呀。”聽了這話,小公主四處張望,想弄清楚說話聲是從哪兒傳來的,不料卻發現一隻青蛙,從水裏伸出他那醜陋不堪的肥嘟嘟的大腦袋。   “啊!原來是你呀,游泳健將,”小公主對青蛙說道,“我在這兒哭,是因為我的金球掉進水潭裏去了。”   “好啦,不要難過,別哭了,”青蛙回答說,“我有辦法幫助您。要是我幫您把您的金球撈出來,您拿什麼東西來回報我呢?”   “親愛的青蛙,你要什麼東西都成呵,”小公主回答說,“我的衣服、我的珍珠和寶石、甚至我頭上戴著的這頂金冠,都可以給你。”   聽了這話,青蛙對小公主說:“您的衣服、您的珍珠、您的寶石,還有您的金冠,我哪樣都不想要。不過,要是您喜歡我,讓我做您的好朋友,我們一起遊戲,吃飯的時候讓我和您同坐一張餐桌,用您的小金碟子吃東西,用您的小高腳杯飲酒,晚上還讓我睡在您的小床上;要是您答應所有這一切的話,我就潛到水潭裏去,把您的金球撈出來。”   “好的,太好了,”小公主說,“只要你願意把我的金球撈出來,你的一切要求我都答應。”小公主雖然嘴上這麼說,心裏卻想:“這只青蛙可真夠傻的,盡胡說八道!他只配蹲在水潭裏,和其他青蛙一起呱呱叫,怎麼可能做人的好朋友呢?”   青蛙得到了小公主的許諾之後,把腦袋往水裏一紮,就潛入了水潭。過了不大一會兒,青蛙嘴裏銜著金球,浮出了水面,然後把金球吐在草地上。小公主重又見到了自己心愛的玩具,心裏別提有多高興了。她把金球揀了起來,撒腿就跑。   “別跑!別跑!”青蛙大聲叫道,“帶上我呀!我可跑不了您那麼快。”   儘管青蛙扯著嗓子拼命叫喊,可是沒有一點兒用。小公主對青蛙的喊叫根本不予理睬,而是徑直跑回了家,並且很快就把可憐的青蛙忘記得一乾二淨。青蛙只好蹦蹦跳跳地又回到水潭裏去。   第二天,小公主跟國王和大臣們剛剛坐上餐桌,才開始用她的小金碟進餐,突然聽見啪啦啪啦的聲音。隨著聲響,有個什麼東西順著大理石台階往上跳,到了門口時,便一邊敲門一邊大聲嚷嚷:“小公主,快開門!”聽到喊聲,小公主急忙跑到門口,想看看是誰在門外喊叫。打開門一看,原來是那只青蛙,正蹲在門前。小公主見是青蛙,猛然把門關上,轉身趕緊回到座位,心裏害怕極了。國王發現小公主一副心慌意亂的樣子,就問她:   “孩子,你怎麼會嚇成這個樣子?該不是門外有個巨人要把你抓走吧?”   “啊,不是的,”小公主回答說,“不是什麼巨人,而是一隻討厭的青蛙。”“青蛙想找你做什麼呢?”   “唉!我的好爸爸,昨天,我到森林裏去了。坐在水潭邊上玩的時候,金球掉到水潭裏去了,於是我就哭了。我哭得很傷心,青蛙就替我把金球撈了上來。因為青蛙請求我做他的朋友,我就答應了,可是我壓根兒沒有想到,他會從水潭裏爬出來,爬這麼遠的路到這兒來。現在他就在門外呢,想要上咱這兒來。”正說著話的當兒,又聽見了敲門聲,接著是大聲的喊叫: “小公主啊我的愛, 快點兒把門打開! 愛你的人已到來, 快點兒把門打開! 你不會忘記昨天, 老椴樹下水潭邊, 潭水深深球不見, 是你親口許諾言。”   國王聽了之後對小公主說,“你決不能言而無信,快去開門讓他進來。”小公主走過去把門打開,青蛙蹦蹦跳跳地進了門,然後跟著小公主來到座位前,接著大聲叫道,“把我抱到你身旁呀!”   小公主聽了嚇得發抖,國王卻吩咐她照青蛙說的去做。青蛙被放在了椅子上,可心裏不太高興,想到桌子上去。上了桌子之後又說,“把您的小金碟子推過來一點兒好嗎?這樣我們就可以一快兒吃啦。”很顯然,小公主很不情願這麼做,可她還是把金碟子推了過去。青蛙吃得津津有味,可小公主卻一點兒胃口都沒有。終於,青蛙開口說,“我已經吃飽了。現在我有點累了,請把我抱到您的小臥室去,鋪好您的緞子被蓋,然後我們就寢吧。”   小公主害怕這只冷冰冰的青蛙,連碰都不敢碰一下。一聽他要在自己整潔漂亮的小床上睡覺,就哭了起來。   國王見小公主這個樣子,就生氣地對她說,“在我們困難的時候幫助過我們的人,不論他是誰,過後都不應當受到鄙視。”   於是,小公主用兩只纖秀的手指把青蛙挾起來,帶著他上了樓,把他放在臥室的一個角落裏。可是她剛剛在床上躺下,青蛙就爬到床邊對她說,“我累了,我也想在床上睡覺。   請把我抱上來,要不然我就告訴您父親。”   一聽這話,小公主勃然大怒,一把抓起青蛙,朝牆上死勁兒摔去。   “現在你想睡就去睡吧,你這個醜陋的討厭鬼!”   誰知他一落地,已不再是什麼青蛙,卻一下子變成了一位王子:一位兩眼炯炯有神、滿面笑容的王子。直到這時候,王子才告訴小公主,原來他被一個狠毒的巫婆施了魔法,除了小公主以外,誰也不能把他從水潭裏解救出來。於是,遵照國王的旨意,他成為小公主親密的朋友和伴侶,明天,他們將一道返回他的王國。第二天早上,太陽爬上山的時候,一輛八匹馬拉的大馬車已停在了門前,馬頭上都插著潔白的羽毛,一晃一晃的,馬身上套著金光閃閃的馬具。車後邊站著王子的僕人忠心耿耿的亨利。亨利的主人被變成一隻青蛙之後,他悲痛欲絕,於是他在自己的胸口套上了三個鐵箍,免得他的心因為悲傷而破碎了。   馬車來接年輕的王子回他的王國去。忠心耿耿的亨利扶著他的主人和王妃上了車廂,然後自己又站到了車後邊去。他們上路後剛走了不遠,突然聽見啦啦的響聲,好像有什麼東西斷裂了。路上,啦啦聲響了一次又一次,每次王子和王妃聽見響聲,都以為是車上的什麼東西壞了。其實不然,忠心耿耿的亨利見主人是那麼地幸福,因而感到欣喜若狂,於是那幾個鐵箍就從他的胸口上一個接一個地崩掉了。


    The Princess Who Married a Dog — a Taiwanese Aboriginal Myth From Mainland China

    It’s been said that the Bunun people originally came from the Chinese mainland. Ages ago, a Chinese emperor had a very beautiful daughter. This princess, however, one day came down with a horrible skin disease: her entire body was covered by huge oozing, itchy red boils. These painful and ugly sores tormented the poor princess day and night. She stayed in her room, and at night she tossed and turned, unable to sleep. All day and night long, her cries pricked at the hearts of her parents, the emperor and empress, who by this time had called on every doctor and shaman in the land to help their daughter–all to no avail. The emperor and empress cried too, knowing they were unable to help their daughter and seeing her condition grow worse and worse. “Enough of this!” cried the emperor. “I shall find a way to cure our daughter!”

    This is what he did: he ordered proclamations put along all the roads. Each proclamation read: “Anyone, be he beggar or otherwise, who can cure the Princess of her skin ailment shall have her hand in marriage.” The emperor and empress then waited for someone, anyone, who could come to the palace and cure their daughter. A whole month went by, and not one person came to the palace gates with a proposed cure. Where were all these doctors, healers, shamans and herbal masters? Were they afraid to show up? Nobody had an answer. The emperor and empress felt as despondent as ever. Finally, someone or, rather, something showed up–a stray dog with a torn-off proclamation in its mouth appeared at the gates.

    One guard was of the mind to kill the dog on the spot, while another felt the dog should be led into the palace. Then, the emperor could decide what to do with it. The second guard prevailed, and he brought the dog past the gates and into the palace. Once inside, however, the dog bolted from the guard and scampered down the hallway until it reached the princess’s room. It hopped onto her bed and began licking her all over, especially her boils. When the licking had stopped, the boils had all disappeared . . . The guard then summoned the emperor, who was, of course, amazed. The dog was given shelter in the palace for the night. The next day, the emperor went to his daughter and said, “What this dog did is amazing, but we need to get rid of it.” The dog was right by the princess, and its eyes glowered at the emperor. “Ah, Dog,” said the emperor, “you performed a great service. Please don’t misunderstand. It’s just that you are not a human. If you can in the next thirty days turn yourself into a young man, you may marry the princess.” The dog immediately scrambled out the palace and headed for the mountains.

    The emperor ordered some guards to follow the dog, which they did, after going up the mountain and passing through a forest. They observed the dog enter a cave. The guards then made camp and took turns watching to see if the dog left the cave. On the morning of the twenty eighth day, they spotted a figure leave the entrance of the cave. It had the full figure of a man–the arms, legs and trunk. However, it still had the head of a dog. The dog had become a dog-man, nearly the full man required by the emperor to marry the princess. The dog-man spotted the guards watching him and shouted, “Why are you spying on me? I still have two more days left, so leave this place!” The dog-man charged towards the guards, who were shocked and frightened. The guards then fled down the mountain. The guards returned two days later and crept towards the cave. They poked around a bit but no one–neither man nor beast–was around. Meanwhile, at the palace, the emperor had just concluded an assembly of his subjects. Everyone in the audience was filing out of the assembly room.

    One young man, however, appeared to be in a deep sleep in his chair. The palace servants tried rousing him but on he slept. A guard was called, and he rushed over to wake up this young man. The guard succeeded in awakening the fellow, who immediately leaped out of his chair and ran out of the assembly room and down the hall to the princess’s room. The guard entered and found the young man and the princess in a loving embrace. Don’t ask how or why, but the princess knew this young man had once been the dog that had licked her skin free of boils. The guard could not, of course, slay someone the princess was embracing, so he summoned the emperor. “So, you’re finally a man now, Dog,” said the emperor. “Very well. You may, as I promised, marry my daughter, only you both will need to leave immediately and never ever return to this place!” The emperor gave his daughter some time to pack her belongings. Then, the princess and her husband fled the palace. Not far behind them were guards who were given the order to murder the young man. The princess and her husband, evading the guards, made it to the coast, where they took a small boat and, just the two of them, crossed the Straits all the way to Taiwan itself. They landed at what is now called Lugang (Lu-kang), “Deer Harbor.” There, they settled down and had many children. These children then became the first Bunun people, the ancestors of those on Taiwan today.

    公主與狗 在很早很早以前,布農族是從中國來到台灣。 布農族有一位頭目,也就是中國的皇帝,頭目生下了一位公主,長大後長得很美麗,不知道什麼原因得了一種皮膚病,身體都潰爛發腫,痛癢得不得了,頭目請了天下名醫替公主治病,可是無法治好公主的病,就公開通告說︰ 「只要能治好公主的皮膚病的人,公主一定許配嫁給他。」有一隻狗偷偷溜到公主的臥房,用舌頭舔公主的長瘡的皮膚,公主的皮膚病居然痊癒了。 頭目及皇后都非常興奮,便對狗說︰「可惜你不是人,公主不能嫁給你,如果你能在三十天內變成人形,公主一定許配給你。」狗聽了搖搖尾巴很高興的樣子,便離開皇宮跑到森林一個岩泂,經三十天變成英俊的男士,他偷偷的溜進公主的房間,公主見到他非常的高興。 頭目為了實踐諾言,就對狗先生說:「你們可以結合,但是必須馬上離開這裡到很遠的地方,不要再讓我看到你們。 」他們開始整理行裝,準備要到很遠的地方去。 他們迅速的離開了,他們離開後,頭目後悔把公主嫁給狗先生,便派兵追殺狗先生,他們拚命地逃,最後逃到海邊,海邊有一條小船,他們乘坐小船,逃到了台灣的鹿港,他們在那裡定居了下來,後來他們生了孩子,後代子孫也越來越多了。


    The Frog In the Well As Adapted by Dr. Mike Lockett, The Normal Storyteller

    Once upon a time, Little Frog lived at the bottom of a deep well. Little Frog had water to drink when he was thirsty and insects to eat when he was hungry. When he was tired, he was able to lie down on his back and look up at the sky that was high up above the opening to the well. Little Frog had never spent a moment of his life outside of the well. Still he was happy with his life, except for one thing. He was lonely and wanted someone to play with. Whenever an animal would come to the well to drink, Little Frog would call to the top of the well, “Hello! Would you like to come down and play with me? I have food and water, and a nice place to live. It doesn’t get any better than this.” But the other animals would say, “Thanks, Little Frog. But we like it out here. The world is much bigger and much nicer out here than down in the well.”

    But, Little Frog would say, “Nothing can be better than this!” Birds would come down into the well to drink and Little Frog would ask them to play. “You should come outside and play with us,” the birds would tell him. The world is much bigger and much nicer out here than down in the well.” But, Little Frog would not believe them. “Nothing can be as nice as my home,” Little Frog would say. After hearing Little Frog say the same thing over and over, most of the birds and animals quit talking to him. Little Frog could not understand why. But, mainly he could not understand why nobody wanted to come to stay where he lived.

    One day, a small Sparrow came again to drink at the well. Sparrow and asked Little Frog to fly out with her into the big world outside. The world is much bigger and much nicer out here than down in the well.” Little Frog said, “Why do you lie to me? Nothing could be better than where I live!” Sparrow became angry and flew away. Still, Sparrow came back again and again to drink at the well. Each time Little Frog invited Sparrow to stay and play with him. Each time, Sparrow tried to tell Little Frog about the big world outside the well. Each time, Sparrow flew away. Then one day, Sparrow flew into the well. But, instead of talking, Sparrow picked up Little Frog and flew back out of the well taking Little Frog with her.

    At first Little Frog could hardly see because of the bright sunshine outside the well. Then, he opened his eyes and saw the world around him from high in the air. Little Frog was surprised by how much bigger the world was then he had ever believed before. Little Frog began to realize how tiny his well was. “Thank you, Sparrow. I am grateful for what you have shown me. I apologize for not believing you. Please let me down here,” he said. Sparrow set Little Frog down next to a great big beautiful pond and said, “I am sorry for taking you out of your home without your permission. I will take you back if you wish.” Without answering, Little Frog jumped into the grass and saw many beautiful flowers of different colors. He had never seen such beautiful flowers and had never smelled such nice scents. The outside world is so big, so wonderful, and beautiful!”

    The Little Frog finally cried out happily and jumped into the pond. Sparrow came back later and asked, “Little Frog! How do you like the world outside your well?” Little Frog said, “It is big and beautiful! Thank you very much. If you had not brought me out to see this world, I would never have known that there are such beautiful things that exist outside my well.” Little Frog never tried to go back to his old well again.

    井底之蛙 從前有隻青蛙,在淺井裏居住。一天,牠遇見一隻從東海來的大鱉。 井蛙對大鱉說:「我真是樂透了!高興時,便在井欄上跳躍。疲倦時,就躺在破磚上休息。回到水裏,我只是露出我的頭游泳。跳到泥裏,我則埋沒我的雙腿。我回頭看看井裏的赤蟲、蟹和蝌蚪。牠們可不及我快樂呢!井水是我,因為這口井屬於我,這就是最大的喜樂啊!你有空不妨來探望我。」 大鱉聽了,就跟著井蛙入井裏,怎知左腳還未伸進去,右腳已經絆住了,於是便從容地退了出來。 大鱉給逗樂了,便對青蛙說:「東海的大,我無法給你描,因為那是無法測量的。水災既不能增加它的深度,旱災也不能減少它一吋。它的深度,是不會因時間的長短,或兩量的多少而有所改變。這就是東海最大的喜樂啊!」 井蛙聽了,驚訝得呆一邊。