Meat Me



The fantasy of eating myself, eating my brothers, my friends, my husband… Eating another body to absorb its memory, dead meat that in my body recovers its life. The body is diluted with mine as in a kiss.

Everything has to be very well studied, step-by-step; a series of actions that could recur infinitely; the perfect reproduction of movements that allow us not to have to think on doing them. The same steps connect us with the ancestors, the grandparents of the great-grandparents, from a cosmological vision of our life.

A traditional “jota dress” moves in spiral. A beach in the Mediterranean sea. A wedding. The “virgen del rocio”. And I keep on eating.


Performance at Skanes Konstförening in Malmö. Sweeden

The point of the performance was to create an eatable me and enjoy a cannibalistic scene were I am eating me.